At Resurrection, our children’s ministry is focused on adoration, formation, and transformation as we are shaped by the Story and Experience of God’s Love.

As a church, our goal is not to replace parents or guardians as the primary spiritual leader in their families.  Our goal is to partner with you and your child in a joint experience of being formed into the image and likeness of Christ through worship, learning, community, and service.  We believe that from the first moment, a child is part of the church, and that as a church, we hold to this quote from CS Lewis:

Children are not a distraction from the most important work,

they are the most important work”

On Sunday mornings, we offer a space for Children from newborn to age nine to participate in the life of the church and hear the Gospel story in words and actions that speak to them on their level.  Through a Montesorri-based method of learning called Godly Play, our children are taken into the Biblical story and are allowed to express their worship of God through music, art, prayer, and activities.  The children will then be picked up by their parents from their classrooms to participate with the rest of the church in Holy Communion.




          …   Arrival and Signing In   (10 minutes before to 5 minutes after the beginning of worship)

Students will be signed in at the check-in desk before the start of service. The children will then be directed to their classrooms. The Door Keeper will greet the children as they arrive and help them to the circle.

         …   Welcoming the Children  

Each child is welcomed individually into the classroom. The Door Keeper helps the children slow down and get ready as they enter the room. The Storyteller then helps the children sit in a circle together and find a spot that is just right for them. He or She talks quietly and easily with the children until it is time for the lesson to begin.

         …   Story Time and Wondering  

The Story Teller presents a story from the Bible (either by heart or with limited use of the written lesson). We will be following along with the same scriptures used in the adult service for the most part. The materials are made carefully and by hand. These materials represent the characters and scenes of the stories, allowing the children to use their imaginations to put themselves into the stories. As the lesson presentation ends, the Storyteller invites the children to wonder together about the lesson. The Wondering time helps the children gain a better understanding of who they are and where they are going- by showing them how their story is a part of the great story…. God’s story.

          …   Response Time  

The Storyteller goes around the circle asking each child to choose his or her work for the day. The children are invited to use art materials as a way to respond to the lesson. This is a time for them to reflect on the story and its meaning. They may also work with the story materials, explore the altar table and vestments, or choose to do other tasks such as caring for the room. Remind students not to work with other stories, just the day’s story materials.

         …   Prayer and Song

The Storyteller will bring the children back to the circle for prayers and a song of worship. A children’s litany will be provided for prayers of the people

        …   Saying Goodbye

As the parents arrive, the Administrator will call for children to dismiss. The Storyteller and the Door Keeper will say goodbye and share a simple blessing with each child as the Door Keeper guides them out of the classroom. The Administrator will also send the child home with a summary of the day’s lesson that includes Scripture references, Wondering questions, and a Prayer.
As a general rule, the child is to go to the parents/guardians and stay with them until the end of the service once they are received back.